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graphic / logo / WEBSITE

We’re passionate about delivering creative that moves people…something people want to be a part of. We tap into our rich history and culture as our design inspiration to create work that’s both stylish and has meaning.  So whether it’s your corporate LGBTQ+ marketing outreach, diversity group logo/website design or annual Pride Campaign, we’ll design something special that folks will love!


LGBTQ+ Corporate / brand messaging

We’ll get to know your organization and develop an LGBTQ+ marketing outreach strategy that’s impactful, integrating consumer insight with your corporate/brand strategy so you can both connect and build your brand with the community. 



We offer a full range of marketing services from building and executing a fully integrated LGBTQ+ marketing plan/campaign to smaller projects. We’ll build the marketing plan and execute across social, e-mail, print and events based on your marketing outreach needs.


selection & curation

We know how important branding is and that's why we focus on sourcing cute & stylish LGBTQ+ corporate swag that everyone will want. We work with multiple suppliers to find the best combination of quality & price, and importantly style. And we’ll manage every step of the production and shipping process so it’s easy and seamless for you.

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